Sliding beam cranes

Sliding beam cranes

These custom-made cranes are designed to safely and easily lift tenders, jetskis and the like in and out of the lazarette. Cramm’s range includes various types of cranes, from single-sided to outward telescopic. We also developed a special type of sliding beam crane for lifting items into the water to port and starboard. The major benefit of this solution is that the costs are much lower and installation much simpler than fitting individual cranes on both sides.

Upon request we can equip sliding beam cranes with totally synchronised controls. Depending on functionality, the crane can be constructed of stainless steel 316 or high tensile strength steel.

Cranes can also be delivered as man riding cranes and lifeboat cranes. As we have developed special profiles for all our sliding beam cranes, every crane has a minimum height, a key benefit compared to many other sliding beam crane suppliers.

All cranes, including the sliding beam cranes, come with certification from Lloyds Register of Shipping, Bureau Veritas or any other class bureau.

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